Web Design Inspiration in and Around Glasgow

It happens to the best of us – our creative juices run dry and suddenly we’re without flair, style or income! As a web designer myself, based in Glasgow, I’ve been there. Here, I’ve put together a range of ideas for where you can turn to in Glasgow to get those juices flowing again and find some inspiration.

Even if you can’t get to Glasgow, I’m sure you can apply these ideas to find similar sources if design inspiration in your nearest city:

  1. My first port of call in for web design inspiration in Glasgow is generally Buchanan Galleries. Whenever I’m shopping, I tend to find myself paying more attention to the marketing styles and techniques on display than to the products themselves. You can gain a wealth of ideas by analysing how other companies are marketing their products and services, particularly if they are in the same industry as your project is. Glasgow city centre has another major shopping centre and also three major high streets.
  2. If your web design is to be less retail oriented and more industrial, then I’d highly recommend taking a wander down to the Tennants plant, where huge silos stand in parallel columns with crazy arrays of pipes channelling between them and 1000’s of metal barrels are stacked up ready for use. It’s an impressive sight entirely visible from the streets in the East End of Glasgow, and may just kick your web design into shape.
  3. Or perhaps you’re struggling to make your web design’s colours pop. If so, take the opportunity to go and buy some flowers for your girlfriend (or drag your boyfriend to buy some for you!). The array of colour in a well-stocked flower shop is exquisitely and come away with stacks of ideas. Glasgow’s full of such shops – specifically, there’s a good wee store on Sauchiehall Street, and another on Byre’s road.
  4. If the layout of your web design is the problem, visit to the University of Glasgow’s main building or Glasgow Central Station. The architecture of such structures can really help bring that level of interest and originality to your web design – Glasgow’s full of super architecture.
  5. Or perhaps it’s the basic look and feel, your web design’s theme. If it’s a contemporary or modern site, take a few hours out to visit Glasgow’s Science Centre down by the Clyde river. If you’re needing a more traditional or artistic theme, try the Kelvingrove Art Gallery just behind the University of Glasgow’s Main building. Or perhaps you’re requiring a younger look for your website, or a grungy feel, in which case take a wander through Glasgow’s Kelvingrove Park and find the popular skate park, generally full of ‘louts’ doing incredible things on skateboards, blades, and bikes. Glasgow’s parks will also work for green / natural web designs

And if, at the end of all these ideas, I’ve still not managed to catch your attention with something, then there’s nothing for it but to visit The Burrell Collection. Glasgow’s Burrell’s Collection is of everything and anything Burrel picked up during his travels to far-reaching destinations, so you’re bound to get some inspiration there!

Best of Luck!

Drawing Web Design Inspiration From Other Cultures

As anyone who works in the web design industry will be able to tell you, finding fresh and new inspiration can be challenging. One of the best sources of new inspiration, however, can be found by exploring other cultures that may be all but foreign to you. This will allow you, as a designer, to draw out fascinating and beautiful elements that even the people who live as a part of that culture are unaware of. This article takes a closer look at just some of the cultures that you could be looking into for inspiration:

  • Germany – In design principles and style, the work completed in Germany is actually pretty similar to neighbouring countries, such as Switzerland. There is a heavy emphasis on typography, especially the country’s own traditional fonts (think old, gothic styles).
  • Italy – It can be said that Italy has similar web design principles to other European countries like Germany, except with a more artsy and informal feel. There is a lot of more freedom in the work completed by Italian designers, who also favour the abstract movement.
  • Japan – The web design work in this country is known for mixing its historical culture with modern principles, which is a very innovative move that other countries are yet to do well. Mixing different eras and styles of art can create a very attractive and powerful effect.
  • India – India has only recently moved into modernism, but their web design work (like that of Japan) immediately developed a focus on mixing their traditional art forms into more modern ideas. Many Indian works include intricate patterns that are very beautiful.
  • Australia – When it comes to design work completed by Australians, it becomes clear that there is a strong emphasis on nature – the country is full of vast outback scenes and pretty coral reefs where inspiration is ripe for the picking.
  • Africa – A lot of African design can be considered the opposite of modernism – these people embrace the traditional work of their ancestors and continue to utilize the same methods today. Like Australian art, there is a strong emphasis on the nature and wildlife on the continent (which differs country to country).

There are plenty of other cultures out there that are full of inspiration for anyone working in the art, graphic or web design fields. Why not look at specific African countries (such as Egypt), or the work that has come out of North and South America? You could even explore cultures that have died out over time, such as the Mayans, to see how they can influence your design work. Inspiration is everywhere, all you have to do is look for it.

Where To Find Ideas For Web Design Inspiration

When it comes to starting a project, some have no idea where to start. You need to think about how the navigation is going to be laid out, how text will be styled and how the design will look once its all put together. Here I’m going to explain where to get those mad ideas for the website your clients will just love. There’s no looking in just one place, you need to have a look at a variety of media before you can get some ideas for your design and hopefully get it transferred to paper or your favourite editor.

Web Designer Mag

Get a cup of tea ready and relax, you’re a web designer! Now I believe this magazine is only available in the UK, if you’re somewhere else in the world where you don’t have the privilege to read this magazine you should perhaps go for the next best thing available. I invest in a subscription for this magazine because I just love it. It is packed with amazing websites, reviews, tutorials and the latest web trends. All the best content from the web packed into a little booklet, it’s just great and worth it too.


Dribbble is a show and tell for creatives. Designers, developers and other creatives share shots-small screenshots of the designs and applications they are working on.”

This is what Dribbble is in short. It’s a great websites where other designers come together (I believe you need to be invited to actually Dribbble pixels) so its got some great quality content for you to get some ideas.

Pattern Tap

This is one of my favourites and it’s a great one for UI designers too. They have chosen some of the best interface designs for the following categories: forms, sign up, lists, borders, thumbnails, buttons, backgrounds, login, web application, articles search, navigation, layout, icons, typography, images, distinction, eCommerce and to be honest the list goes on for a couple of pages so they definitely have a bit of everything and personally I think the quality of work on the site is very inspirational indeed.

Quick Google Searches

Google is your friend. I have definitely learnt a lot over the years using this powerful search engine, in fact I learn almost everything from Google, I use it to my advantage because it is a quick way to access the world’s information, it’s all yours and very easy to use so don’t ever under-estimate Google, it has answers to all your questions (and whoever said if you type Google into Google the internet will break is just plain stupid; private joke for viewers of the IT Crowd, a funny TV series about an IT support team, definitely worth a watch).


Working as a freelancer is just like any other business, you have competitors so if you were designing a website for a Chinese restaurant for example; view the top Chinese restaurant websites and see what ideas you can take from each one then use your own ideas as well as the clients’ thoughts to come up with something better. Knowing the standards in an industry helps you go a long way so make sure you do you research and think like any other business or agency would, keep your professionalism to a top level.

Use Your Third Eye

It’s all about staying focused so make sure you don’t get distracted by social networking sites, mobile phones and people around you. It can be very easy to lose track so having a good self-esteem will definitely help, I usually keep my phone turned off, keep away from distractions and set a couple of hours to strictly stick to the work I should be doing (or finding), just because you have the most flexible timetable doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be working hard, manage your time wisely and plan breaks too. Oh, and don’t forget to drink plenty of water, very important!

Web Design Inspirations

A good website is indeed a virtual way of reaching the perspective customers. A good, fully functional and widely trafficked website helps in boosting sales by attracting more number of leads and thereby producing higher conversion rates in this present digital age. However, a vast number of website even today posts broken links on website or it being outdated, unfriendly and also visually unattractive. It is thus the need of the hour to have a good website wholly functional and user-friendly.

There are certain characteristics that define how an ideally good website should be. These features elaborate as to how it can help in promoting the branding of the product/service the organisation has to offer. Also, adequate targeting of perspective customers can be done through a good and interactive website. There are seven key features which contribute significantly for a good website. They are briefly mentioned below.

  1. Design: The design and the layout of the website must be simple and easy to navigate. It must be loaded with good quality pictures and videos which really help in holding the attention of the viewer. The best websites are usually visually appealing and hence is used effectively to entice customers to explore the company and the product/service being offered. There is a particular reason as to why designing plays a critical role in building the website as it contributes significantly in branding and thus creating a vast customer base.
  2. Content: Ideally, a good website is much more than just being visually attractive. Once, the customer is lured to the site by the design element, it will require good quality content in order to sustain them with it. The content of the website must be carefully chose and strategically written properly describing the intricate details of the product/services being offered.
  3. User-friendly: The easy navigability and its user friendliness of the website contribute to being the key aspect of running a successful business website. In today’s world, the online buyers expect that the website should be easy to access and thereby locate adequate content in minimal time and less number of mouse clicks.
  4. Multiple browser compatibility: In this mobile dominated world, it is essential that the website must be highly compatible not just with particular browsers but with multiple ones. Also, its ability to open easily through the mobile would be an added advantage. Since most people own smart phones, easy accessibility is an absolute must.
  5. Social Media: Promoting the website on social media or linking it with social networking sites works wonders for them. People are relatively easy to reach out to and also targeting the customer base can help significantly in boosting sales. Social networking sites have gone to a high at a completely different level and must be promoted thoroughly.